9 Great NEO Wallets For Gas The Best Wallets To Stake NEO & Earn GAS

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As outlined above, the best alternative to MetaMask for NEO is the Neon Wallet. Users will need to use an alternative wallet like Neon because NEO uses an alternative programming language to Ethereum called C# and Java . NEO provides a development framework called NeoContract, which is designed to simplify the process of writing smart contracts on the NEO blockchain. Enjoy the most uncomplicated registration procedure that could ever be, even compared to a Neo desktop wallet.


It’s designed for advanced users, with professional software interaction and extremely high security. It will require the download of the full Blockchain before you can use it. That’s it, your paper wallet is ready to receive NEO and GAS tokens. This provides simple troubleshooting if the wallet is not functioning as intended. Its user interface is friendly and intuitive, offering a great user experience and making the transacting experience seamless and hassle-free. It is also a convenient wallet to use as it can access contact information and save you the hassle of copying long crypto wallet addresses when transacting.

Step 3 – Withdraw Your Funds

You can remain anonymous as no KYC, verification, or account creating are mandatory to start using the app. As a non-custodial wallet, Atomic doesn’t store any of your private information or funds. You always take control of your crypto because the private keys are encrypted only on your device and never leave it.

  • This helps to keep an entire portfolio of coins and tokens safe.
  • All that said, NEO is relatively a new project, which is why it doesn’t have many wallet options available yet, unlike Ethereum, which has manyreliable wallets.
  • Ansy paper wallets are available for download through the Chrome or Edge browsers .

Funnily enough, as far as the industry-leading hardware crypto storage is concerned, Ledger is the only company offering devices that will provide you with NEO support! Whether it be the Ledger Nano X or the Nano S Plus, however, you can surely expect top-tier quality and security features from the company’s products. What makes Atomic Wallet so unique is the support of Atomic Swaps, a relatively new decentralized exchange technology based on hash timelock contracts. Currently, this feature is available for Bitcoin, Litecoin,and QTUM. In the nearest future, Atomic Wallet plans to make Ethereumavailable for the swaps, as well. Using the QR code that applies to the public address, users can send any amount of NEO to this wallet. Using the private key, users can access their GAS coins or NEO tokens for spending.

Top 8 Best NEO Wallets

If you are using a desktop wallet then don’t download any suspicious attachments. The paper wallet must be kept secure from damage by fire and water, or even from simple tearing of the paper. Most experts recommend storing several copies of the paper wallet in safe locations in case of damage to one or more. Plus users are able to claim their GAS and ONG rewards automatically in the wallet. It is a great wallet for beginners and experienced cryptocurrency users looking for a mobile wallet solution. The O3 wallet is the one for those who need to keep their NEO with them while on the go.

You can use the address to send any amount of NEO to this wallet. The paper also contains a private address for you to use when you want to spend your tokens. While using the NEON Wallet for your NEO funds, you need not worry about security because your private keys are never stored on NEON’s servers. Moreover, some scam NEO wallets like myneowallet.iobring in more confusion to this speculative market. Yes, some firms provide the facility to raise a loan against your digital assets stored in a crypto wallet. Ease of use – A cryptocurrency wallet should be easy-to-use, even for new investors.

More Cryptocurrency Wallets

Unlike NEO tokens, GAS tokens can be divided into smaller units. GAS is created each time a new NEO block is added to the NEO blockchain . Keep updated with our round the clock and in-depth cryptocurrency news. In this detailed guide, we show Aussies the best way to buy Crypto with Macquarie Bank. Start trading 370+ tokens today with low fees and free AUD deposits. Thus as a whole, the best and highly recommended wallet for NEO storage is the Hardwarenwallet, NEO tracker, or NEON wallet.

  • Because CoinSwitch brings you India’s first onshore crypto index, CRE8.
  • Use an online wallet right in your browser or download a mobile version.
  • In order to store them safely, we can go for some of the best NEO wallets that are being available in the cryptocurrency market.
  • They offer varying levels of convenience, features, security and many other aspects that could impact your trading experience.
  • Both Neon and O3 are great wallets that work with the ledger nano.

This wallet was not developed by NEO developers , but NEO developers have reviewed it thoroughly and found it to be 100% safe. In my last article on NEO, I covered everything that you should know about the NEO project and its two cryptocurrencies . If you haven’t yet checked out that article, you can do so here. CFDs and other derivatives are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how an investment works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. In case you make the mistake of sending tokens to an address that doesn’t belong to NEO, then chances are you will have lost those tokens forever.

No matter which Neo wallet you use, there will always be a certain minimum risk of losing your coins, just like any currency. Many good Neo wallets will also give you the ability to store and transact in other cryptocurrencies. Multi or single currency– You should also determine if you’d like to transact in multiple tokens or just one. If it’s only Neo tokens that you wish to store and use, you can avail a dedicated Neo wallet for it.

UK residents have a bevy of options when it comes to cryptocurrency wallets, but our top recommendation is Coinbase. Infinito claims to be the first universal wallet, and true to this, it supports a wider range of crypto tokens than most others. Apart from the major coins, it also supports all ERC20, ERC223 and NEP-5 tokens. As always, I suggest that you withdraw your funds from the exchange once you’ve purchased your coins. It’s always considered best practice to have full ownership of your coins in a wallet that gives you control over your private keys.

All that said, best neo wallet is relatively a new project, which is why it doesn’t have many wallet options available yet, unlike Ethereum, which has manyreliable wallets. But to support early adopters, there are still a few good options for storing it your NEO and GAS safely. Whichever wallet you do choose to use, make sure that you are practicing wallet security 101. Keep backups of your seeds and store them in a secure location.

neo and gas

https://www.beaxy.com/ was formerly known as Antshares and GAS was called Antcoins. The rebranding has helped the currency in launching itself higher than ever. Though NEO is completely new, it has worked on a promising framework which makes the investors hopeful about its great future, especially in 2018. The rise of this currency has made some experts call it an ‘Ethereum killer.’ The currency works on smart contracts but has an upgraded proof of stake system in the form or GAS. Additionally, NEO works on multiple languages while Ethereum works on a proprietary language.

What is the best NEO wallet?

Truth be told, there are many amazing cryptocurrency wallets out there – picking out the best NEO wallet can be a struggle! The general rule of thumb, though, is that you should always go with a cold wallet, for the added layer of asset security. In NEO’s case, your best bet is to pick the Ledger Nano X – being an industry-leader, the Nano X will provide you with all of the top-tier features that you might need from a high-end NEO wallet.

They have a public address coupled with a private key that is printed on a piece of paper. Ansy is a popular paper wallet that can be used for storing NEO. As you are not connected to the internet, the chances of your keys being stolen by hackers are next to negligible. As against a hot wallet, a cold wallet doesn’t stay connected to the internet at all GMT times and therefore is considered more secure than the former. Moreover, it’s in the form of a physical device, normally the size of a USB drive, wherein you can store your cryptocurrency-related private and public keys. The digital cold wallets can be easily connected to the internet whenever desired, to execute buy/sell transactions.

Interview: Nexo launch non-custodial wallet – CoinJournal

Interview: Nexo launch non-custodial wallet.

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This helps to keep an entire portfolio of coins and tokens safe. Long term storage – a paper wallet is a great way to keep your coins safe for extended periods of time. Keep in mind that you can’t partially spend from a paper wallet, and you will have to move the full amount of NEO tokens from it every time you move them.

But it’s quite convenient for someone that needs to access their tokens, often to trade or conduct regular transactions. Mobile wallets also offer convenience and ease of access to tokens whenever you need them. Still, they pose a security risk since your device will be targeted with malware, which can easily lead to a breach. Contrary to popular belief, Neo wallets don’t store NEO tokens; instead, they work as a sort of gateway providing the tools you need to communicate with the NEO blockchain. They generate all the information you need to use NEO coins.


Depending on the nature of the wallet, the level of security varies. Jed has been in the crypto industry since 2015 and has been writing and researching for large publications ever since. He wanted to build and launch Data Wallet to help spread the word of cryptocurrency, as well as the principles of self custody and decentralized financial products. Private keys are stored on the user’s device and generated from mnemonic. Besides, the wallet is perfect for sending, receiving, and storing both NEO and GAS.

The multi-currency wallet supports over 1,500 coins and tokens. Ledger Nano S is the best hardware wallet to store NEO coins. If you buy NEO tokens at a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Huobi Global, transfer your funds from the exchange to a NEO wallet as soon as possible. The Pro version of our app is a multi-exchange crypto trading platform that lets you buy and sell across three of India’s most well-known exchanges. It opens up arbitrage trading opportunities while offering access to advanced rupee-denominated charts and a lot more. The wallet is available on GitHub for download, and it would take some time to be available publicly.

Does MetaMask support NEO?

Bottom Line. Adding the NEO Layer 1 blockchain to your MetaMask Wallet is not possible as it is not EVM compatible. Therefore, users will need to download a NEO wallet like Neon Wallet to use native DeFi applications on the NEO blockchain.

If you use NEO and other cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions, it is advisable to keep small amounts in software wallets. But most of your funds should remain in cold storage for long-term security. This means that it is more vulnerable to hacking than offline storage options. It is therefore appropriate for short-term storage when trading cryptocurrencies.

Another important factor to consider is what other users have to say. Wallet services at times have hiccups, but what matters is how the team handles such situations. Read reviews on discussion forums like Reddit before settling on any wallet. For instance, it is currently the most popular social trading platform globally. Though this is no longer the case, it is still one of the most popular exchange platforms, with a presence in over 32 countries. Unlike Binance, Coinbase lets you buy NEO using fiat money, via LTC bank transfer or credit card.

However, beta testers claim that it is a very simple to use this wallet with an extremely easy UI. Linux will also be added soon, and hopefully, the wallet will go live in early 2018 or earlier. Exchanges, on the other hand, may let you trade in NEO infractions. This will make you lose when you are sending money to your actual NEO wallet. Exchanges can sometimes let you trade with 1.20 NEO when trading with Bitcoin or other coins. However, when you want to transfer it to your real NEO wallet, you will only get 1 NEO.